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The Big Five conferences get autonomy: Will college athletes reap the benefits?

Pay to Play? The NCAA board of directors have voted (16-2) to grant autonomy to the Big Five college football conferences. The Big 12, ACC, Pac 12, SEC and Big 10...


Coming to America: 2014 American-African Summit

A wise man once stated: Better late than never. African countries, with 6 out the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world, has finally come on the American radar....


Economy’s growth rate surges to 4 percent in second quarter And George Zimmerman is back, again

Indubitably, this is more news Fox News would prefer to lose. The reality of a growingly more robust USA economy, increased consumer confidence, lowest unemployment...


Joakim Noah & Lebron James: Giant Steps

On-court and Off-court leaders First things first, we would like to give mega props to Joakim Noah for stepping up to the plate and addressing Chicago’s explosion...


ACC Football Kickoff Day 1: The Jameis Winston Show

Meet the Press (GREENSBORO N.C.) — As the 43rd ACC Media Day 1 commenced, it was apparent – fast, quick and in a hurry – whose star shined brightest. No doubt,...


ACC Media Days: Greensboro, NC

Me & University of Miami LB Denzel Perryman Hey wassup to my HGP readers. I am reporting live from the ACC Media Days in Greensboro, NC. ACC Kickoff 2014  has...


Corporate Welfare: Modern day bread line

Government for the 1% interests: Bought and pay for compliments of our Supreme Court. “Corporations are more people than people”


A Philadelphia Story: Can a University Transform a City?

Here’s two intriguing stories or perspectives on the expanding role of big urban university interacting with a local impoverish community. As Drexel...


Attorney General Eric Holden slams Sarah Palin

Sometimes short and sweet is just that, short and sweet. Attorney General Eric Holder on Sarah Palin’s impeach President Obama quest. “She wasn’t a...


Republican Reality: “I love my Obamacare (but not by that name)”

Live and in living color: When you cut through the GOP and Conservative Entertainment Complex lies, distortions, misinformation and anti-Obamacare propaganda,...