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How Asian-American Voters Went From Republican To Democratic

Originally published on September 16, 2015: NPR In 2012, nearly three-quarters of Asian-American voters went for President Obama. But, rewind — 20 years prior — and...


White House: Vice President Dick Cheney “Wrong Then, Wrong Now”

The invigorated White House — Democrats hand victory to Obama — slams former VP Dick Cheney in a brilliantly spliced together Cheney speaks montage. This ...

obama treaty

Obama secures Iran nuclear deal with Barbara Mikulski vote

I never claimed to be a foreign policy expert, however I pride myself with being well endowed with common sense. The type of common sense that ostensibly alludes many...


Louis Stokes, Congressman From Ohio and Champion of the Poor, Dies at 90

New York Times reports: Louis Stokes, who as the first African-American congressman from Ohio helped focus federal attention on the nation’s poor and led a special...


Meet the Press’ Brings Back ‘Racist’ Pat

In the aftermath of the church slayings of nine innocent worshippers in Charleston, SC by a young white racist madman, Chuck Todd and Meet The Press ran a video montage...


Louis Farrakhan Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

Often, the idiot box (TV), humdrum radio and now surfing the internet can involve viewing countless of substance void content. Basically junk food for the mind. There...


Ted Cruz:” I was against it before I needed it.”

Senator Jim Kerry: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.” Ah, the political art of the flip-flop.: A “flip-flop”...


Larry Wilmore on the Bush family Afirmative Action #notanotherbushinthetrees

Speaking about W, Lil Baby Bro Jeb tells us big bro is his Middle-East adviser: “What you need to know is that who I listen to when I need advice on the Middle...


Bernie Sanders for Prez



Cruz control: The Tea Party’s main man of contradictions

It’s not what I do, it’s what I say! Wannabe POTUS, Ted Wacko Bird Cruz is definitely a larger than life example of the contradictions, hypocrisy and...