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President Trump: What does it all mean for the Black Community

president-trumpWoke up the next day, and the next day, and so forth til today and the results still remain: President Elect Donald J Trump.

What does it all mean?

According to D. L. Hughley, the election of Trump means hatred and apathy won the day. As he clarified: racists Trump supporters were energized to come out and vote; and on the other hand, millions of non-Trump supporters stayed home.

Many are saying: Yea, Trump motivated the alt-right racists crowd; however you can not ignore how many anti-Clinton voters — including Independant voters — wanted to send a message of #NeverClinton.

Finally, Bernie Sanders supporters feel vindicated in a We told you so sort of way. Similar to Trump, Sanders had tapped into the rising anti-establishment sentiment in our country. If there is any consolation, many post-election and exit polls indicate that Bernie Sanders would have crushed Trump.

At the end of the day, whether it is sexism, wiki-leaks, racism, FBI dirty tricks, Putin tampering, anti-immigration, religious phobia, white male angst — it is what it is. Trump will be sworn in as the successor of President Obama.

As far as the black community is concerned…

The bottom line is economic self-determination. Black lives will matter when use our dollars to invest in our community’s best interest. If we can build mega-churches, we can build a mega-economic infrastructure in the so called hood. It’s not like the template is not there. Immigrant waves after immigrant waves flock to the black community to extract dollars and build wealth by providing goods and services we neglect to provide for ourselves. Our dollars are low hanging fruit.
As scholar and master teacher Runoko Rashidi shared on Face Book:

Family, I confess that I don’t have a lot of patience when Black people ask me what we should do. Perhaps because I am an elder and a historian and I talk a lot, people frequently ask me for advice. So here goes. I believe in basic and commonsense solutions to our problems. Black men should love and honor and respect Black women. Stop making excuses and just do it. Find you one and adore her.

Be a good father to your children. Spend time with them. Put Black art on your walls. Let your children see you reading materials about Black people. Turn off the TV more often. Read, study and learn something of your history. Stop domestic violence and turn down the violence in our own communities.

Put more emphasis on our diet and health. Stop acting like the sports event will determine the fate of the world. Spend money with Black people. Get involved in your community. Mentor a youth. Look for math and science tutors for your children.

Everyone of us should join an organization of like-minded people. Take down that image of white Jesus. Take a trip to the Motherland of Africa. Stop putting other people’s hair on your head. It only makes you look like a fool and just fills other people’s pockets. We have a standard of beauty that should not be measured by other people’s hair.

Support the scholars and activists and conscious artists. Stop using the b word and the n word. Talk to each other. Stop making excuses for the things that we don’t do. Blame white people less and look in the mirror more for the ways to lift us up. Organize! Organize! Organize! And always remember that ultimately we are the ones responsible for saving ourselves. African empowerment is not rocket science. Mostly it is about the application of the most basic concepts. That is my two cents worth. Ase!



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