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What China Knows about Africa That the West Doesn’t


In the modern era, the West has long neglected Africa, either dismissing it as a hopeless basket case, or simply considering the continent only in issues of resources, security and defense. The entrance of China has suddenly shifted the paradigm in which Africa had been imagined. In the past, the West held a monopoly as the bearers of money and technology to which African states were forced to pander in order to gain access to either one or both. However, today, China’s presence provides alternatives to African nations minus the traditional political interference of Western states. As more states, such as India, Brazil and others, seek to gain influence on the continent, African states are at an unprecedented position where their strategic options are better than at any time before.

Although China has made a deep imprint on the continent, and today reigns as the largest trading partner of the continent, the West and particularly the United States retains key advantages including possessing more transparent political models, better and more mature technology in certain key sectors, and recognizable global brands that China still lacks. However, these advantages are not guaranteed forever, in fact, the window in which they exist is shortening day by day. Therefore, it is crucial that the United States, and other Western nations begin to reassess their attitudes and strategies in the continent in order to solidify partnerships with African countries as the continent gains more prominence in the future.

The West today has the opportunity to renew its relationship with Africa—to emerge from a dark history that began with exploitative imperialism and has more recently been marked by patronizing parenting. The reality is that Africa today is a continent teeming with ambition and energy, and it is time that Western states began to treat Africans as equal partners and to learn about their goals and needs on their own terms. read more

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