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Police pepper spray 84 year old woman in her own house

pepperIn another act of excessive force by thugs masquerading as law enforcers, we have a new target: Granny, yes you heard right Grannies are now on their radar.

Muskogee, OK officers pursuing a man for running a stop sign followed the man to his mother’s house, kicked in the front door (no warrant), tasered the son and pepper sprayed his 84 year old mother.

And it gets worse.

This egregious violation of her constitutional rights was followed up by detaining and throwing her into a jail cell — where she suffered panic attacks.

When I read this story headline, I had no doubt in my mind that this was a poor black family. This barbaric policing exclusively and repeatedly occur among this demographic.

Could you ever imagine the police pursuing a panicked former President George W Bush — a self-admitted reformed boozer; Read: George W. Bush regrets driving under the influence — to his residence and kicking in his front door and pepper spraying his mother Barbara Bush as she asked questions.

Hell to the no! They would have radioed a warrant request and if no warrant was issued, they would have requested an interview with W and his lawyer to ascertain what exactly happened the night before.

To make it plain, officers would have operated with extreme restraint. They would have erred on the side of caution in favor of W and his family.

In poor and minority communities the exact opposite policing occurs. Police –or their numerous surrogates — feel embolden to respond with the ultimate use of force for minor offenses: walking with skittles while black, driving while black, selling loose cigarettes while black, playing with a toy gun while black, shopping while black,  standing on the corner while black and the list continues to grow.

Once last note: I remember when Zsa Zsa Gabor slapped a cop:

June 14, 1989, Zsa Zsa Gabor was driving in Beverly Hills when she was pulled over by a police officer on a motorcycle.  He did the routine and asked Zsa Zsa for her license and registration.  Turns out, both of them were expired.  Oops!

Ten minutes after this discovery, the officer was still trying to confirm her documents and Zsa Zsa got impatient.  Rather than stick around, she took off.  Of course, the cop went after her and pulled her over again.  He also asked her to step out of the vehicle.

Zsa Zsa wasn’t having it.  She got out of the car, but raised her hand and gave him the slap heard round the (media) world!

Things did not get better for Zsa Zsa after this.  She was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer.  The cop also found a flask of bourbon in her car and she was given an additional charge for having an open container.  Add disobeying a police officer, driving without a license, and driving without registration to the list and you’ve got yourself one heck of a bad day.

Zsa Zsa ended up with a 72 hour jail sentence, 120 hours of community service, $13,000 in court cost

The tale of two Americas.


















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