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Judge Vonda Evans scolds racist cop at police beating sentencing

judge vonda evans

Judge Vonda Evans gives a 21 minutes speech when sentencing a racist cop who beat unarmed black man, Floyd Dent. This is totally worth watching.

You may have already seen this video but, in the throes of the ever intensifying struggle of Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter movements, Judge Vonda Evans scathing remarks are even more relevant. She offers some valuable insight and humanity that all sides could gain wisdom and understanding.

Judge Evans asks the rhetorical question regarding the abusive behavior of rogue cops:

2015 How does this happen?

She then proceeds to give a searing commentary on the police culture that indoctrinates new recruits from the jump — in the police academies that embed an intractable us against them mentality fueled with a contempt for the very people they are asked to serve and protect.

On the other hand, she starkly recounts the reality of cop life — one of the most unappreciated jobs in the country: high stress; danger ominously lurking; low pay; and, asked to do too much with too little. For good measure, she adds that on the daily many cops see the worse of the worse human behavior.


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