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Spurs waive Duncan, will pay his $6.4 million salary

tim duncanFive time NBA champion and future Hall of Famer, Tim Duncan has bid adieu to his playing days. After 19 seasons he announced his retirement from the only professional team he played for — he will be missed by NBA fans; and in particular, San Antonio fans and organization.

The graceful Duncan played the game in similar cerebral style of  Kareem Abdul Jabbar —  great athleticism combined with a jazz like creativity, flow and intelligence. Like wise, similar to Jabbar, Duncan opted for substance over flash — no need for self-indulgent celebration.

It was look at we not look at me.

In giving him a retirement shout-out, San Antonio Spurs, one of the most successful and sophisticated sports organizations, kept it classy with Tim in showing him love and respect for his years of dedication.

From 247 Sports:

For those that don’t recall, Duncan opted into his Spurs deal for the 2016-17 season before the end of June. This was before the 40-year-old had made the decision to retire. While waiving Duncan comes across as harsh when simply reading the title, it actually isn’t, according to Dan Feldman of NBC Sports:

“But with him waived — assuming he clears waivers — San Antonio is on the hook for the guaranteed portion of his salary. That was the full $6,393,750, though it’s possible the team and Duncan agreed to reduce his protected salary (a buyout). The Spurs can either pay Duncan’s protected salary all this season or stretch the payments and pay a third each of the following three years.”

As a five-time champion and two-time MVP, Duncan is the greatest Spur of all time. It is nice to see a classy organization taking care of the ultimate class act even after he is retiring from the game.

But for me, fuhgettabout all of his sick and legendary highlights. My most cherish Duncan memory was when he got kicked out of the game for laughing at the ref.

Check it out.


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