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Kevin Durant: “I am taking my talents to The Bay”


Are you kidding me?

Kevin Durant has joined the one team in the Western conference that blocked him and OKC Thunder from playing the Cavs in this year’s NBA finals. Remember OKC was up 3-to-1 games before Steph Curry and the Warriors rallied back to defeat them. I guess if you can’t beat them, join them…?

Are we talking 7 rings not 6 not 5 not 4 — as LBJ promised for South Beach Heat?

As report by USA Today:

Kevin Durant has agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors, he announced Monday.

The contract will be a 2-year, $54 million, with player option for second year, according to a person familiar with the deal. Contract will allow Durant to maximize the projected salary cap of $107 million next year.



KD bringing his talents to The Bay is in no way, shape or form an updated version of 2010 LBJ move from Cleveland to Miami. It’s as far from it as Oakland is to Miami.

  1. LBJ had little or none supporting cast (and owner Dan Gilbert didn’t seem to be changing at that time); meanwhile KD has crazy support talent and Russell Westbrook.
  2. LBJ did not link up with his nemesis team that was blocking him from winning the Conference finals. This move is equivalent to Mike Jordan linking up with the Bad Boys Detroit Piston before he and Pippen were able to dethrone them.
  3. KD is bolting from a small market team to hook up with the larger market team. On the other hand, Cleveland and Miami are both big market team. In fact, Cleveland is a bigger market than Miami.
  4. I know I stated that LBJ’s supporting cast was severely weak. But it needs to be explicitly noted that LBJ did not have a Robin to his batman. KD had another superstar and future Hall of Famer, Russell Westbrook.

I wish him well. But one cautionary warning (as LBJ found out via his title trial and tribulations): somethings look better on paper than they do on the court. In the case of the offensive minded Warriors: Will there be enough shoots shared by KD, Step and Clay? Who is willing to defer to whom?

I am just saying…

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