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China Says U.S. Can’t Talk Human Rights When It Has Racism Problems At Home.


Oops…in a story of the pot calling the kettle black.

China, pointedly, states: how can the USA go around the world wagging its finger at other nations for human rights violations when Uncle Sam continues to fall way short at home in securing human rights for American citizens of color?

China delivered a major “BOOP!” Thursday, when the foreign ministry said the U.S. had no place to slam other countries on their human rights records when it’s battling its own racism problems at home.

Citing the killings of unarmed black men at the hands of law enforcement and a scathing and disturbing U.S. Senate report on the torture of detainees under George W. Bush’s administration, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei called the U.S. out on its hypocrisy and “poor record.”

The pretty spot-on comments come after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. ambassador to China Max Baucus issued statements Wednesday mentioning the case of the imprisoned Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo.

“The United States has no right to pose as arbiters and at every turn point their fingers at other countries’ human rights as racism and mistreatment of prisoners and other serious problems in the United States are facts now known to all,” Hong told a daily news briefing.   read more

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17 thoughts on “China Says U.S. Can’t Talk Human Rights When It Has Racism Problems At Home.

  1. Taj Jimoh

    Interesting enough the US government will still keeping and turn the accusations , the west Pau issue is some in the Asian backyard alley, but definitly a home bringer and the choice of growth to a nation, as China has been on it’s economic stretch.

  2. Nadia Sindi

    My life in Liberal Klans Oregon!!

    Arab/Muslim Americans are treated less than animals! We are called Sand N…

    We are being prosecuted in a daily basis! High tech lynching, institutionally racism! Especially for Arab women!!

    Oregon former late A.G. Dave Frohnmayer had my SS# blocked & prevented me from getting employed, made me homeless and jobless!

    He was the one who started & initiated the fraud of taking over our homes!!

    His bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman, Doug McCool and Margaret Hallock hired Scarlet Lee/Barnhart Associates, forged my family’s signature, gave our fully paid Condo to the thief Broker Bob Ogle. And his mom Karen Ogle ” who was working in the USA Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1997-1999 & administered the power of attorney to have my sister signed it and add her son to the deed,”, without my signature!!

    Bob Ackerman had never responded to the Summon from the Court, and the sheriff never served him or arrested him either!!

    ThIs is what kind of criminal government we have in Oregon!!

    I ran five times for public offices! Voter Fraud & Sedition by Lane County government to protect & cover up for the two criminals Frohnmayer & Ackerman!!

    Oregon government is complicit with their crimes!!

    Please sign petition.

  3. Rev john rice

    We need to support our youth when I comes to protest and marches.
    Remember the youth in our black churches resurrected a Jessie Jackson, Rev Al Sharpron, the Black Churches will provide and NAN, NAACP, will launched a new leader a strong black male or female equipt to use social media & technology to empower emform the masses to protest. I sent out a message to the NBC and nobody responded why our churches clergy and leaders are old. Average age 70 please. God will provide I march on Washington in High School and college. Support our youth they said this revolution will not be televised nor though sicusl media but though text. The boycott has already start two days ago. Shut America Down in their pocket’s, no Target, Coke, Pepsi. Deposit made in black Banks ask you children how we cane help . peace

  4. Darrell W Talbert

    Well the problem in America is all stemmed up by the Congress, and Senate with their continued racism protraed in the action for the last 8 yrs. What did America think would come out of their behavior. Has anyone notice these members have not step up since the first killings of blacks. Go back pull the records and see what conversation they’ve had publicly about this issue. But yet they are quick to blame the President.
    Americans need to start voting these old fucks out of office, America will never get better as long as they hold office. Nothing is getting done but there bank accounts keep getting fatter.
    I do not Conde killing of incident humans, weather you are black, white, jew or gentile. Nor do Conde the killing of police officers. Today’s Americans dont have a respect for life and thats another problem. Guns not used in war zones being sold on the streets because coperate America wants to protect guns companies. These are no different than the drug dealers, and crack heads, but they chase drug dealers around the world and lock there ass up. Well why in Congress doing the same to these gun companies. Oh thats right thats there fat bank accounts.
    Wake up America and see the real issue that keeps standing in the back ground blaming the President or others for the craziness. And for all you no good SOB’S in media that continues to jump on the bandwagon blaming the President or blacks, your another fuel to the fire.

  5. G. E.

    Technology has put the spotlight on racist America, or should i say the racist bigots in America. There’s nothing new about what we’re seeing, it just has been magnify by technology so the world can see how much of a hypocrite America is. Other countries throughout the world has known for hundreds of years how much of a hypocrite America is when it comes to racism.
    We as black people in America must continue to fight against these racist bigots, and I don’t think that we can completely stop it but at least we can put a harness on it if we continue to stick together and fight against it.
    I am not by far a racist but I am for my people and they call that PRO-BLACK!
    (Black Lives Matter)!

  6. Carmen Dillingham

    Thank you China for acknowledging our struggle as people of color here in the United States!!!

  7. carlito234

    The USA is probably the LEAST racist place on Earth, yet listen to the haters hate. Wake up assh*les, when the USA is gone you’re not going to have anyone left to hate – that doesn’t put you in prison for it.

  8. James Reid

    he blame game is a way to confuse the issue. Black contributions exceed the norm while being put down in many ways.

  9. Hinton

    Mark my words we see the police against young black men we see somebody killing policeman the GOP for 6 years vote against the present Administration yet there’s another group waiting for the right time we now have Americas fighting Americans This has shown a weakness and have a great country in the Isis is waiting

  10. Dahir

    I don’t think all white are terrorists
    As i am sure all Muslims aren’t either

    My point is I am muslim at the same time i am black man thanks to allah

    This issue going on America has political hiden agenda

    So we as black people are playing their way nit even knowing it

    We have to stop asking questions when you are infront of white cops

    Just we have find out other way to fight those criminal cops

    I really don’t know how but isn’t helping what we are doing right now either


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