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Donald Trump and Black Celebrities: Complicated Relationship


The Donald and The Blacks (celebrities).

Donald Trump, the self-declared presumptive GOP nominee, has notoriously, if not proudly, spewed ugly racist or xenophobic insults against African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, women, physically disabled — not to mentioned he was the leader of the Birther Movement — all while having an odd symbiotic relationship with black celebrities.

The Archie Bunker strategy.

As many have observed, Trump’s campaign — to make America great again — is effectively preying on the fears, racism and anxieties of angry white men. Trump posits himself as the only man in America that can rescue white America from their Obama nightmare.

To use a boxing world metaphor: Trump is the Great White Hope who can retrieve the championship belt from the menacing and uppity Jack Johnson like Obama.

In the Trump Universe — not to be confused with the allegedly fraudulent Trump University — Mexicans are rapist; all Muslims should be banned and monitored; kkk and white supremacist support is tacitly encouraged; and, misogynist insults are routinely expressed without an ounce of shame nor repentance.

Trump has said enough repugnant and vile statements to sink any other conventional politician with presidential ambitions. Instead: the Trumpsters cheer him on at his White Male Lives Matter rallies as the Moses that will lead them back to the 1950’s. A time when all of us knew our place.

So, quite naturally, this begs the questions. Why do so many of The Blacks (celebrities) give The Donald a pass? A phenomenon the NY Times reported about:

Mr. Trump’s rise in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination — which has also prompted accusations that he is using racially charged language and has drawn comparisons to the segregationist George Wallace — has created some discord among African-American celebrities whom Mr. Trump has called friends.

The billionaire developer has long courted personalities from sports and entertainment — including the boxer Mike Tyson, the former N.B.A. star Dennis Rodman, and the rapper and producer Sean Combs — and has made them part of his world in strikingly personal ways.

Some of Mr. Trump’s African-American friends and acquaintances say they are mystified by the candidate’s sweeping attacks on minority groups. In addition to his comments about Muslims, he has said Mexico sends “rapists” and other criminals to the United States, has exaggerated the role of blacks in violent crime and suggested that a Black Lives Matter protesterwho interrupted one of his campaign rallies “should have been roughed up” by his supporters.

While Mr. Simmons has denounced Mr. Trump, others are sticking by him, saying that they were drawn to him in part because of his unvarnished personality — and his loyalty — and that they would not abandon him now.

“Hey, that’s my man. That’s who he is,” said Don King, the boxing promoter, discussing what he called Mr. Trump’s “outlandish” remarks. “To me, Donald is Donald. That’s not a presidential endorsement, but it is a humanistic endorsement.”

Mr. Tyson, who is Muslim, recently defended Mr. Trump, telling the website TMZ, “Hey, listen, anybody that was ever president of the United States offended some group of people.”

Once again, why the Donald love? I honestly do not know. But I suspect, sadly for many — of course not all — money, image, fame and bling-bling Trumps over (pun intended) everything else. And, no doubt, Trump has a boatload of the aforementioned toys and lures.

I also think there is a deeper kinship connection than just the ostentatious and flamboyant lifestyle.


 Trump, nouveau rich and never completely accepted in the Hotsy-Totsy world of old money, is sort of, for lack of a better word, ghetto fabulous. Similar to his hip hop acolytes, his brashness, take no prisoners disposition and shoot from the hip swagger is admired by many brothers-from-the hood.

Russell Simmons, music and fashion mogul,(who has recently publicly admonished his former friend) once stated:

“He’d say ‘the blacks,’ ‘the Jews,’ that stuff,” Mr. Simmons recalled. “But it’s the same way people speak bluntly — like, very ’hood. It’s semantics.”

As we all know, with Trump, it is sinisterly more than semantics. Words have dire consequences. A bigot in private is one thing but one on the big stage — equipped with a megaphone — is straight up dangerous in a demagoguery way.

Trump’s blacks should not only have zero tolerance for his offensive rhetoric, they should create a common front rebuking his hateful and divisive diatribes in the strongest terms.

Now what is the excuse for Trump’s non-black fan club? Should we let them of the hook?

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