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Giselle Rodriguez: My Game Changing Trinidad Experience


In part one Giselle Rodriguez shared about growing up Latina and Caribbean.

 Growing up, I was lucky to be exposed to two different worlds that many of my peers couldn’t understand. In a sense, I was more culturally diversified and competent. I was aware of the many global issues and influences that many other minorities like myself were facing. I enjoyed having a Latin background as well as a Caribbean

In this essay, Giselle shares her journey to Trinidad:

A few years ago for my birthday, my eyes opened when I traveled to Trinidad with my father. Upon arrival, I knew that I was in the midst of facing a life changing experience. My whole life, I grew up in the city where my surroundings were typically modernized.

Due to my upbringing this transition was a game changer. In the short amount of time visiting, I traveled to other locations within Trinidad that I never knew existed before.

I was witnessing a whole another side that half of my family was living. The experience made me appreciate life more and the amazing qualities it has to offer. Not to mention I was very young and my perception and views were still developing. More than ever I was grateful to be apart of the environment I was in and take away the culture that is heavily instilled in me.

Rarely do I meet people who were bought up from two different cultural upbringings. Especially attending a predominately black University. However when I do meet people with various backgrounds, I find it interesting to hear their story as well as share my own experience.

I think it’s amazing to be able to experience two complete different cultural worlds. Even at times it can be challenging for people to understand your mannerisms and way of life. Without the values and exposure that both of my parents gave me, I would not be molded into the person I am today.

Check out this beautiful Trinidad food and vegetable market:





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