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The 5 Negative Thoughts You Need To Banish Forever

positive-thinking-will-let-you-do-everything-better-than-negative-thinking-willMany people are struggling to find happiness in life after 50. On the surface, you might think that our inability to be happy comes from our complex lives. After all, many of us have experienced divorces and deaths in the family. Some have lost parents and watched their children grow up and move away. Others have experienced health challenges of one kind of another.

But, despite the fact that we share similar challenges, some of us are much happier than others. The question is, why?

After talking with hundreds of women in the Sixty and Me community, I have come to the conclusion that many of us are held back from happiness by our persistent negative thoughts.

I have also realized that it is indeed possible to be happier than we’ve ever been — not by living in the past or being in denial, but by embracing the full potential, joy and abundance of this exact moment of life.

Here are a few negative thoughts that you need to remove from your mental playlist in order to find happiness after 50. read article

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